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a soft/easy touch

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha soft/easy toucha soft/easy touchinformal if someone is a soft or an easy touch, you can easily persuade them to do what you want, especially give you money touch
Examples from the Corpus
a soft/easy touchArtisans needed more than just fertile imaginations and a soft touch with a trowel to bring their work to life.Leeds are a soft touch when it comes to transfers.Next to it goes a soft touch 6a, Cocoluche, which has an easily avoidable 6b section.Cool for Cats at Stennis Head - a soft touch E15b.Middlesbrough showed a resilience that emphasised they are no longer a soft touch on their travels.Terry was such a soft touch.My client was a soft touch.And he knew I was a soft touch, that I did most of the housework so he could be free.
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