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a split second

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha split seconda split secondan extremely short period of timefor a split second For a split second the two men hesitated.in a split second In that split second Graham knew he had won. split second
Examples from the Corpus
in a split secondI was out of my bed in a split second, shoe in hand and lights on.Quickly drawing back his hand, he must decide in a split second whether to run, or physically beat his opponent.Like was really unnatural but you could really see it like in a split second.All this flickered through her mind in a split second and she felt ashamed.Bombs in the magazine detonate in chain reaction in a split second.The training officer lifted the phone, and the buzz in the room subsided in a split second.From anger and animosity he turned in a split second to a benevolent caring brother only here to see justice done.They had no time to gasp, or clutch at each other, or even writhe in a split second of torment.
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