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a spot of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha spot of somethinga spot of somethingBritish English informalLITTLE/NOT MUCH a small amount of something Do you fancy a spot of lunch? I’ve been having a spot of bother (=some problems) with my car. spot
Examples from the Corpus
a spot of somethingUncle Albert was squatting down by the flower bed doing a spot of weeding.A large emerald ring flashed a spot of light into a dark corner of the room.He turned up with his pals at the Isle of Man boat this morning, looking for a spot of trouble.Everyone benefited from knowing them so a spot of poaching was not held against them.Hopefully, it was all over now and he'd be able to take a spot of leave.Lord C told her to take a spot of leave before reporting for a short parachute course.He points to a spot of oil in the water and hurls his harpoon and strikes the spot dead center.Even the protection of the House of Lords is lacking, thanks to a spot of bother Lloyd George had in 1911.
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