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a succession of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha succession of somethinga succession of somethingSERIESa number of people or things of the same kind, following, coming, or happening one after the other syn stream A succession of visitors came to the door. succession
Examples from the Corpus
a succession of somethingWhen the burden of a total meaning is shared by a succession of words, the load may shift.Following this confrontation, a succession of crises seriously undermined the Mercian position further.Its unintended effect was also to crush a succession of much less well-prepared Republican hopefuls before a single vote had been cast.But the latest in a succession of applications to turn Oxmoor Farm at Heighington into a hotel and restaurant was refused.The president, if he chooses, can delay the law in a succession of six-month blocks.Careful listening has meant a succession of books strikingly different from each other.First impressions were favourable, as we rounded the last of a succession of hairpin bends.The international community has so far salved its conscience by voicing a succession of pious hopes.
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