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a suggestion of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha suggestion of somethinga suggestion of somethingLITTLE/NOT MUCHa slight amount of something There was just a suggestion of a smile on her face. suggestion
Examples from the Corpus
a suggestion of somethingFor example, just above the keys there seems to be a suggestion of a darker horizontal band.There is even a suggestion of official encouragement to depositors to use the Manx bank shortly before it went bust.There is no promise of safety in the story at all, or even a suggestion of how to physically survive danger.There is a suggestion of creation tales, evolution-of a survivor with millions of years of genetic knowledge.She looked at him with just a suggestion of a smile.Miss Sargent seems more than careful not to let a suggestion of the relationship extend to her art.It must not be overdone, but it can make a suggestion of mood that the listener will have.However, Paleolithic and Neolithic art often emphasized the buttocks, sometimes exaggerating them to a suggestion of hills or mountains.It is used harshly + with a suggestion of violence.
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