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a surfeit of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha surfeit of somethinga surfeit of something formalTOO/TOO MUCHan amount of something that is too large or that is more than you need syn excess a surfeit of food and drink surfeit
Examples from the Corpus
a surfeit of somethingThere can never be a surfeit of the propagation of that fundamental message of grace.Boardsailors could find a surfeit of interest for them in hall two.Both have been suffering from a surfeit of squash, according to the man who manages them, Norman Norrington.He's already had a surfeit of wives.The world has a surfeit of mediocre drummers.Armand dozing, apparently, in a surfeit of plenty.It is a silly, redundant device that eventually drowns the film in a surfeit of plot.There is a surfeit of managers in the company.Over-confidence in the early days has led to a surfeit of caution ever since.
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