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a suspicion of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha suspicion of somethinga suspicion of somethingformalSMALL a very small amount of something that you can only just see, hear, or taste I could see the faintest suspicion of a tear in her eyes. suspicion
Examples from the Corpus
a suspicion of somethingThere could be a suspicion of dogma, whether religious or scientific.Not one of them had a suspicion of fat on their bodies.The outboard profile shows a short-ended hull with just a suspicion of sheer.After all, it is about the conservation of the old and founded on a suspicion of the new.Is it sufficient that he perceives a suspicion of bias, or must he perceive the higher hurdle of likelihood?There was a suspicion of extra flesh at hip and belly, but that's to be expected on an adult male.
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