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a tidy sum/profit

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha tidy sum/profita tidy sum/profitinformalPROFIT a large amount of money We sold the house for a tidy sum and moved south. tidy
Examples from the Corpus
a tidy sum/profitIn 1899, the mansion cost the tidy sum of $350,000.Chief Auctioneer, Michael Welch, suggests that silver, brass or other trinkets could well fetch a tidy sum.Even allowing for what they would have lost on laundering the proceeds, there should have been a tidy sum.He has sold no less than five cars, each one at a tidy profit.Nevertheless that blip was long enough for some one to make a tidy profit.Would we be right in thinking, a tidy sum?Until now they have made a tidy profit from selling re-issued pop hits from the fifties, sixties and seventies.These represented a tidy sum, not a great fortune but enough for her to be comfortably off.And, if my memory serves me right, you stand to rake in a tidy sum on that.
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