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a tight hold/grip

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha tight hold/gripa tight hold/gripif you keep or have a tight hold on something, you hold it firmly His mother kept a tight hold on his hand. tight
Examples from the Corpus
a tight hold/gripIt should not be imagined that the tiny Party élite at either of these provincial levels could maintain a tight hold.We got up, he pushed me roughly towards the door, keeping a tight hold of me.She would be keeping a tight hold on her feelings from now on.Apple, however, kept a tight grip on its technology and suffered the consequences.He had a tight hold on the audience, totally in command of his band.The new business manager has a tight hold on the budget.Dominic crept carefully down the stairs, keeping a tight hold on the gleaming mahogany banister.The purge reflects the party leadership's concern with keeping a tight hold on the political reins.The best way for the government to achieve this is to keep a tight grip on the tigerish tendencies of the economy.
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