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a touch of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha touch of somethinga touch of somethingLITTLE/NOT MUCHa small amount of something πŸ”Š Our furniture is guaranteed to add a touch of class to your bedroom. πŸ”Š Add a lace top for a touch of glamour. πŸ”Š β€˜What?’ asked Hazel, with a touch of irritation. β†’ touch
Examples from the Corpus
a touch of somethingβ€’ One gardenia casts a pleasant scent, but hundreds of gardenias can, for some, prompt a touch of nausea.β€’ Do you detect a touch of moral fervour rippling its unsightly way across the normally limpid Weltanschauung of Oliver Russell?β€’ I think I've got a touch of the flu.β€’ All this room needs is a touch of paint.β€’ This melancholy contrast brought to our Southern sensibilities a touch of sadness.β€’ With more than a touch of relief, she thought he was about to go.β€’ In everything he did there was a touch of charisma, and, following everything he did, a nagging doubt.β€’ Max Baucus, will survive this plunge, albeit with a touch of fear.β€’ I always treated the reports with a touch of caution.
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