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a violent storm/earthquake/explosion etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha violent storm/earthquake/explosion etca violent storm/earthquake/explosion etcDNVIOLENTa storm etc that happens with a lot of force violent
Examples from the Corpus
a violent storm/earthquake/explosion etcAccording to these learned fellows, the universe began with a violent explosion.The slaves gathered on August 30,1800, but disbanded because a violent storm and flood made military operations impossible.The second is part of the river Indus, which was diverted after a violent earthquake in 1819.During a violent storm it broke away and drifted westwards until it hit land on the barren headland of San Quentin.Passing beneath it, Crevecoeur was reminded of a violent storm of hail beating upon his head.Travelling home one night in a violent storm, Polly was struck by lightning and had to be destroyed.This caused a violent explosion resulting in extensive damage.Within minutes the brown patch of sky enveloped me, as a violent storm swept across the dunes.
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