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a wealth of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha wealth of somethinga wealth of somethinga lot of something useful or good There is a wealth of information available about pregnancy and birth. wealth
Examples from the Corpus
a wealth of somethingOn the positive side, the authors have assembled a wealth of material.To the informed eye, these simple orthogonal lines concealed a wealth of meaning.In an effort to install management control, Gutfreund created a wealth of new titles.From her newspaper stand on High Row, Darlington, Pat reckons she has gained a wealth of experience about human life.Their data offer a wealth of information for continuing education of community dietitians / nutritionists to become effective leaders.Successful nominees to the committee contribute greatly to the Trust's work, offering a wealth of specialist expertise and experience.Fish and game and pineapples ... a wealth of eating.These contrasting models provided the task force with a wealth of information and guidance.
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