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a welter of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha welter of somethinga welter of somethingLOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNTa large and confusing amount or number of something There is a welter of information on the subject. welter
Examples from the Corpus
a welter of somethingThe Board of Health was disbanded in 1858 amid a welter of political intrigue and orchestrated opposition.The announcement came from the Department of Health, besieged by a welter of conflicting evidence.Construction of the hospital has been halted by a welter of lawsuits.This dire situation exists despite a welter of management plans, royalties, taxes, and fees.Rattled, he fell back on to the truckle-bed in a welter of trousers.The fanfare seized up on its first chord and then seemed to fall over itself, collapsing in a welter of notes.And the House of Windsor has overdetermined this outcome by sacrificing what remained of its dignity in a welter of family dysfunction.Lost himself in a welter of ambitions, unsafe buildings, cheaper materials; he cooked the books to make more blocks.The grypesh swam out after them, and there were battles fought there in a welter of blood and foam.
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