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a wide variation/difference/gap etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha wide variation/difference/gap etca wide variation/difference/gap etcBIGa large and noticeable difference the ever-wider gap between the richest and poorest countries wide
Examples from the Corpus
a wide variation/difference/gap etcWithin the general waste type shown in these figures exists a wide variation.Waiting time by specialty is meaningless as it conceals a wide variation among consultants' clinics.There is a wide difference between promise and performance.The second column also shows that there is a wide variation between regions in the proportion of exports to foreign debt.Solids exhibit a wide variation in rigidity.Just as there may be a wide variation in the inputs, so may the outputs vary.But there is, indeed, still a wide gap in the use of flexibility.But when the national polls are a wide gap, the country is pretty likely to follow.
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