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a word of warning/caution/advice/thanks etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha word of warning/caution/advice/thanks etca word of warning/caution/advice/thanks etcsomething you say that warns someone, thanks them etc πŸ”Š It’s a beautiful city, but a word of warning: street robberies are very common. πŸ”Š He left without a word of apology. β†’ word
Examples from the Corpus
a word of warning/caution/advice/thanks etcβ€’ And a word of advice just you be careful of that old goat, Moreton.β€’ Take a word of advice, Mr Watt.β€’ You won't mind a word of advice?β€’ And a word of warning - when you arrive in Hye-on-Wye beware of the second-hand bookshops.β€’ However, a word of caution is in order.β€’ Now a word of warning about the stitch patterns in the pattern book.β€’ But business advisors in the city have sounded a word of caution.β€’ He would hand her a sheaf of uncounted bank notes, which she received without a word of thanks.
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