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abandon yourself to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishabandon yourself to somethingabandon yourself to somethingliteraryEMOTIONAL to feel an emotion so strongly that you let it control you completely She abandoned herself to grief. abandon
Examples from the Corpus
abandon yourself to somethingHe began to cry in earnest, abandoning himself to a storm of weeping, sobbing against his folded arms.For several blissful seconds she abandoned herself to his kiss, and to all the incredible, startling sensations exploding inside her.What would it feel like to abandon herself to his touch?By the time we reached Totnes, in Devon, we had abandoned ourselves to our despair.The soul abdicates quickly and the flesh abandons itself to shudders.The Near East surrendered, abandoning itself to the invaders.They danced wildly down the street, abandoning themselves to the night and the moon.I abandon myself to you ... I even want you to abuse and degrade me.
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