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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishabandoneda‧ban‧doned /əˈbændənd/ AWL adjective  1 GIVEan abandoned building, car, boat etc has been left by the people who owned or used it The car was found abandoned in Bristol. the demolition of abandoned buildings2 ALONE[only before noun] an abandoned person or animal has been left completely alone by the person that was looking after them3 literaryCONTROL behaving in a wild and uncontrolled way
Examples from the Corpus
abandonedNevertheless, he felt abandoned and betrayed by the women in his life.First introduced in 1989, Adopt-a-Pet aims to highlight the plight of abandoned animals and encourage more responsible pet ownership.She is now liable for the wasted costs of her abandoned case - more than £1,000.an abused and abandoned childBoth areas include extensive abandoned mine workings for coal and, locally, oil-shale.They examine abandoned nests for prey remains, dissect pellets and talk frequently to local shepherds.Abandoned or stolen bikes are being sold at police auctions.
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