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ablazea‧blaze /əˈbleɪz/ adjective [not before noun] written  1 FIREburning strongly with a lot of flamesblaze Within minutes the whole house was ablaze. The factory had been set ablaze (=made to burn).RegisterAblaze is mostly used in journalism or in literature. In everyday English, people usually say on fire:The whole house was on fire.2 Cvery bright or colourful a passing pleasure-boat, with all its lights ablazeablaze with Her yard was ablaze with summer flowers.3 EMOTIONALfeeling or showing strong emotion, especially anger syn blazingablaze with His eyes were ablaze with fury.
Examples from the Corpus
ablazeThe yacht passed us, its cabin lights ablaze.She is seen here, well ablaze.The fireball destroyed a prefabricated office building before setting a four-storey office block ablaze.An eerie orange glow lights up the devastation of Bijlmermeer - the Amsterdam suburb set ablaze by a crashing El Al plane.Although more oil is ablaze than was first thought, there is less oil at sea.Every shop window is ablaze with bright Christmas lights.I reached the hilltop and followed the track between gorse bushes ablaze with flowers.A small glade ablaze with sunbeams.Gorse was ablaze with yellow blossom.set ablazeDuring the riot, a police car was set ablaze.The house was then set ablaze.Mobs of Right-wing thugs set ablaze a tent city housing refugees outside Leipzig and torched a hostel in Zielitz.Truck after truck was set ablaze and each fire acted as a homing beacon for more enemy aircraft.An eerie orange glow lights up the devastation of Bijlmermeer - the Amsterdam suburb set ablaze by a crashing El Al plane.Quirot, third at Barcelona, suffered severe burns when her home was set ablaze by a lamp in January 1993.Buildings were set ablaze in the black neighborhood; whites and blacks exchanged gunfire.More than 70 patrons, unaware that the roof had been set ablaze while they danced below, barely escaped.The recipe which was causing a minor commotion was for a lobster set ablaze with whisky.ablaze withWe cycled through the hills, which were ablaze with fall colors.
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