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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishable-bodiedˌable-ˈbodied adjective  1 DISABLEDHEALTHYphysically strong and healthy, especially when compared with someone who is disabled Every able-bodied man had to fight for his country.2 the able-bodied
Examples from the Corpus
able-bodiedThey went from house to house and signed up all able-bodied adults for work assignments.The budget would soften a provision that limits able-bodied adults without children to three months of food stamps in any 36-month period.For example, one individual's aggressive behaviour was ascribed to his loss of able-bodied friends following impairment.Disabled students face different problems from their able-bodied friends.Every able-bodied man should have the opportunity to work.In 1903 the Poplar Guardians leased for one year a new workhouse specifically for the use of able-bodied men.This service has been a boon to all who use it, pensioners, disabled and able-bodied residents.It should go without saying that your needs and expectations are the same as those of able-bodied students.The smith was invoking the part of the Elizabethan Poor Law which required the parish to assist the able-bodied to work.
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