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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishablya‧bly /ˈeɪbli/ adverb  GOOD ATcleverly, skilfully, or well She was ably assisted by her team of researchers.
Examples from the Corpus
ablyVaughan accompanied Elizabeth Mowbray and her daughter to London and, on arrival, smoothed their path ably and tactfully.Stratford, Muldoon and Chandler, ably assisted by newcomer Napier, held command in midfield.He was ably defended by his lawyers.Especially where alcohol is concerned, this is no joke at all-as the men from Rutgers ably demonstrated in the 1970s.Hogan ably dissects the issues driving the various manifestations of resistance.The matter must be investigated and will be most ably, I am sure, by Mr el Zaki, here.Vicki Hochstedler ably steered the book through the production process.
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