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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishabnormalab‧norm‧al /æbˈnɔːməl $ -ˈnɔːr-/ ●○○ AWL adjective  NORMALvery different from usual in a way that seems strange, worrying, wrong, or dangerous opp normal abnormal behaviour an abnormal level of cholesterol My parents thought it was abnormal for a boy to be interested in ballet.abnormally adverb an abnormally high pulse rate
Examples from the Corpus
abnormalEl Nino is caused by abnormal amounts of warm water in the Pacific Ocean.abnormal behaviour that may be a sign of mental illnessConversely, patients with quiescent disease who continue to have persistently abnormal blood tests have a high recurrence rate.The abnormal can be left, for news of it will inevitably rise like a suppurating boil.an abnormal chest x-rayMore importantly, the display highlights any system or area experiencing abnormal conditions, whether plant malfunction or unacceptable ambience levels.Possibly a congenital abnormal connection was present between the cystic duct and the right biliary system.Some people suffer an abnormal fear of being in open places.My parents thought it was abnormal for a boy to be interested in ballet.Both schizophrenia and mood disorders show evidence of decreased activity in frontal lobes and abnormal function of the system for directed attention.an abnormal heartbeatMoreover there were no clinical or prognostic differences between those with and those without abnormal pancreatic radiology.After an abnormal Pap smear, she was diagnosed with a fibroid tumor.They were well-intentioned creatures of abnormal physical strength and they were easily taken in by women.
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