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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishabodea‧bode1 /əˈbəʊd $ əˈboʊd/ noun [countable]  1 formalHOME someone’s home – sometimes used humorously Welcome to my humble abode. a homeless person with no fixed abode (=no permanent home)2 right of abode
Examples from the Corpus
abodeIt was an abode of perfect blessedness.Therefore a rabbit has no fixed abode.The poets did not care to linger in that gloom-hidden abode.The 1962 Commonwealth Immigrants Act changed this, and only those born in Britain were henceforth automatically given the right of abode.It was in some contrast to Jansher's abode in nearby Peshawar, but Mehboob and his family were happy.And, it causes ice dams on a few unfortunate abodes.no fixed abodeTherefore a rabbit has no fixed abode.For life here is junkie, is hooker is single-parent, is no fixed abode.Stephen Leach, 35, of no fixed abode, said nothing during the brief hearing before Liverpool magistrates.Both were said to be of no fixed abode, although they originate from the Old Swan district of Liverpool.I was of no fixed abode, but I'd finished my time so they still let me go.Consider too the vulnerability of the homeless person with no fixed abode.
abodeabode2 verb  LIVE SOMEWHEREthe past tense of abideFrom Longman Business Dictionaryabodea‧bode /əˈbəʊdəˈboʊd/ noun [countable usually singular] formalLAW the place where someone livesHe has the right of abode in the UK (=he has the right to live there).