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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishabortiona‧bor‧tion /əˈbɔːʃən $ əˈbɔːr-/ ●○○ noun  [countable, uncountable]BABY/HAVE A BABY a medical operation to end a pregnancy so that the baby is not born alive syn termination She decided to have an abortion. anti-abortion campaigners
Examples from the Corpus
abortionAbortion has become a highly political issue.To climb back into the presidential race, he must get abortion off the agenda.They do not seek the experience of abortion, they would far rather not have become pregnant in the first place.Whatever you may think about the morality of abortion, these are the most deplorable scare tactics.But religious right leaders had adamantly opposed him because of his views on abortion and affirmative action.Dole and Kemp both oppose abortion, and the new Republican platform retains a strong anti-abortion plank.Yet even so, the United States still leads most industrialized countries in teenage pregnancies, abortions and childbearing.Operation Rescue was an organization notorious for its confrontational tactics and its implacable opposition to abortion under all circumstances.have ... abortionThe Michigan House of Representatives passed a bill on Dec. 8 requiring parental consent for unmarried girls under 18 to have abortions.Prior to 1980 Bush had supported the right of women to choose to have an abortion.I decided to have an abortion.I am absolutely sure the decision to have an abortion for social reasons is a horrible one for these women.The woman's doctor advised her to have an abortion for medical reasons.Last year, he claimed, as many as 70 girls were persuaded not to have abortions.But, though legal and advised, many women refuse to have abortions because it would be going against their beliefs.Wade decision granted women the right to have abortions.This would require, however, all women to have abortions who are diagnosed as having a Down's child.
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