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abound with/in something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishabound with/in something phrasal verbLOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNTif a place, situation etc abounds with things of a particular type, it contains a very large number of them The forests abound with deer, birds, and squirrels. abound→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
abound with/in The University is abounding with ideas which have been shared with those who have studied there.The play abounds in biblical and religious allusions, typical of Romantic works, and also prevalent in the comedia lacrimosa.It teems with life, abounds with colour and characters.While other ions abound in cytoplasm in their millimoles, liberal estimates of free Ca concentrations run around 0.1 micromolar, maximum.It is framed by gentle hills that look down on oak groves that abound with deer, bobcats and golden eagles.This began to promote excessive erosion and Aboriginal concerns relating to infringements of their sacred sites which abound in the region.Hotels and guest houses abound in the two towns nearest Meteora: Kastraki and Kalambaka.Every language abounds in words for pseudo-entities.
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Verb table
Simple Form
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it, theyabounded
Present perfect
theyhave abounded
ithas abounded
Past perfect
it, theyhad abounded
it, theywill abound
Future perfect
it, theywill have abounded
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