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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishabouta‧bout1 /əˈbaʊt/ ●●● S1 W1 preposition  1 ABOUTconcerning or relating to a particular subject a book about politics She said something about leaving town. He lied about his age. About that car of yours. How much are you selling it for? What’s he on about (=talking about)? It’s about Tommy, doctor. He’s been sick again. Naturally, my mother wanted to know all about it (=all the details relating to it).2 used to show why someone is angry, happy, upset etc I’m really worried about Jack. She’s upset about missing the party.3 ABOUTin many different directions within a particular place, or in different parts of a place syn around, round We spent the whole afternoon walking about town. Books were scattered about the room.4 ABOUTin the nature or character of a person or thing There’s something really strange about Liza. What I like about the job is that it’s never boring.5 what/how about somebody/something6 do something about something7 PURPOSEif an organization, a job, an activity etc is about something, that is its basic purpose Leadership is all about getting your team to co-operate.
8 it’s all about somebody/something9 while you’re about it10 what was all that about?11 literaryAL surrounding a person or thing Jo sensed fear and jealousy all about her. be quick about it at quick1(5), → go about your business at business(12)THESAURUSabout used when saying what the subject of something isShe’s always talking about you.In her novels she writes about life in South Africa.There’s something I wanted to ask you about.on about a particular subjecta book on English grammar a report on poverty in rural areasconcerning/regarding formal aboutPrince Saiid answered questions concerning Kuwait’s future.The report raises a number of questions regarding food safety.with regard to formal about – used especially when you want to start talking or writing about somethingDear Sir, I’m writing with regard to your advertisement in The Times.re used in business letters and in emails to introduce the subject that you are going to write aboutRe: Friday’s meeting
Examples from the Corpus
aboutWhat's all the fuss about?Basically, the job's all about helping people get off welfare.I'm not sure what it is about her, but guys really like her.There was death all about her.They were talking about music.This leaflet should answer all the questions you have about switching to digital TV.What did you like best about the book?an article about the famineI'm reading a really good book at the moment - it's about the French Revolution.Trash and food were strewn about the room.About this weekend - is everyone still going?I've been thinking about what you said, and I've decided that you're right.Toby talks about you all the time.It’s aboutIt's about a three-hour drive.Well, it's about making money.Detective work is about a lot of things, mostly it's about not giving up.It's about somebody who was killed here.I was hoping there was, cos it's about time I got back home - it's getting pretty late.But it isn't, and it's about time the public knew that.Constant rain, and when it's not raining it looks as if it's about to.For real racists it's about white rule pure and simple.There’s something ... aboutAll the same, there's something contrived about it, Miles.I find the music extremely humorous, there's something ridiculous about it.There's something almost Miltonic about it.There's something morbid about my appetite, he thought.There's something about one lighted window in an otherwise dark building that teases the imagination.There's something wrong about that.There's something not right about the way he goes on with her.There's something rather unhealthy about this particular game.all aboutI don't see what the big fuss is all about.She guessed what it was all about.We must learn what this New Education is all about!The most ominous thing of all about Drumcree is that it has confirmed the political bankruptcy of unionism.Nancy knew all about it: Pa had confided in her a lot toward the end of his life.I then went off on holiday and forgot all about it.Scepticism is all about matching belief to evidence.Its all about money, how much we have how much we make and what we spend it one.
aboutabout2 ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1 (also round about spoken)APPROXIMATELY a little more or less than a particular number, amount, or size syn roughly, approximately I live about 10 miles away. a tiny computer about as big as a postcard We left the restaurant at round about 10.30.see thesaurus at approximateRegisterIn written English, people usually prefer to use approximately, as it sounds more technical:The cost to taxpayers is approximately $200 billion.2 ABOUT British English in many different directions within a place or in different parts of a place syn around People were rushing about, trying to find the driver. Cushions were scattered about on the chairs.3 HEREnear to you or in the same place as you Is Derek about? There’s a phone call for him. Quick! Let’s go while there’s no-one about.4 British English spokenCOMMON existing or available now I hope she hasn’t caught flu. There’s a lot of it about. She might get temporary work, but there’s not much about.5 informalALMOST almost or probably I was about ready to leave when somebody rang the doorbell. ‘Have you finished?’ ‘Just about.’ It’s just about the worst mistake anyone could make.
6 that’s about it/all7 OPPOSITE/REVERSEso as to face in the opposite direction syn around He quickly turned about and walked away.
Examples from the Corpus
aboutThe chance of men being born colourblind is about 1 in 12.It should cost about $1500.Tim's about 25 years old.For about $ 30,000.Her music lesson is about 45 minutes long.The first such creature appeared about 550 million years ago.The church is about a mile away.It's been about five years since I've seen Linda.He left the house round about four o'clock.The job should be finished round about March next year.It's two-thirty. They should be arriving about now.She's 11 months old and just about ready to start walking.About six months ago he suffered a major heart attack.The cathedral was completed in about the middle of the 16th century.The two-month trip will take her more than 26,000 miles in about three dozen legs.Yes, we've got about twenty drawings.There’s a lot of it aboutThere's a lot of it about HEALTH-SERVICE reform is in fashion.Just aboutI could identify by sight just about 500 of its species -- a pittance of its total diversity.He pushes the edge of the envelope in just about every category.Irvin taunted and danced after just about every play.It was overweight, over cost, over schedule, and over just about everything else.These are ideal for our purpose and by late summer should be just about right.It was just about to dive as the train ran on.We were just about to go abroad when our usual nanny was taken ill and was advised not to travel.But your training's just about to start and your scores are exceptional - perception, reflexes, empathy ...
aboutabout3 ●●● S3 W2 adjective  1 be about to do something2 not be about to do something out and about at out1(3), → be up and about at up1(11)
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