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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishabout-faceaˌbout-ˈface (also about-turn British English) noun [countable usually singular]  CHANGE YOUR MINDa complete change in the way someone thinks or behaves syn U-turn The administration seems to have done a complete about-face on gun-control.
Examples from the Corpus
about-faceAn about-face between now and then is possible but not likely.Intel said it is not making any about-face in its strategy.Belinda felt bewildered by his apparent about-face.In recent months, Clinton has made a substantial about-face in his drug strategy.Of all the reversals, though, the most destructive in the long run was the about-face of the Communist world.The about-face came quickly, though not easily and not without controversy.The regents and provost are trying to cast their about-face as a positive move.
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