Language: Old English
Origin: abutan, from a- 'on' + butan 'outside'


2 adverb
about2 S1 W1
1 also round about spoken a little more or less than a particular number, amount, or size [= roughly]:
I live about 10 miles away.
a tiny computer about as big as a postcard
We left the restaurant at round about 10.30.
2 British English in many different directions within a place or in different parts of a place [= around]:
People were rushing about, trying to find the driver.
Cushions were scattered about on the chairs.
3 near to you or in the same place as you:
Is Derrick about? There's a phone call for him.
Quick! Let's go while there's no-one about.
4 British English spoken existing or available now:
I hope she hasn't caught flu. There's a lot of it about.
She might get temporary work, but there's not much about.
5 informal almost or probably:
I was about ready to leave when somebody rang the doorbell.
'Have you finished?' ' Just about.'
It's just about the worst mistake anyone could make.

that's about it/all

a) used to tell someone that you have told them everything you know:
He was a quiet chap, married with kids. That's about it, really.
b) used to say that there is nothing else available:
There's some cheese in the fridge and that's about it.
7 so as to face in the opposite direction:
He quickly turned about and walked away.

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