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above/below freezing

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishabove/below freezingabove/below freezingTMTabove or below the temperature at which water freezes It was well below freezing last night. freezing
Examples from the Corpus
above/below freezingIt should show frost when outside temperatures are below freezing.It roots out vines, truffles for lemon trees painfully heated by charcoal to three degrees above freezing.When she complained to a doctor that it was down below freezing she could not have been nearer the mark.Thanks to the warming influence of the Gulf Stream, the climate is also mild, temperatures rarely dropping much below freezing.And when the temperature goes much below freezing, the EV1 barely goes at all.Temperatures remained below freezing during the afternoon.The snow may crust at night, due to outward radiation, even thought the air temperature remains well above freezing point.Temperatures had, for several days, been near 00F at night, and it was well below freezing now.Yet it was not really cold here; the temperature was well above freezing point.
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