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above/beyond reproach

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishabove/beyond reproachabove/beyond reproach formalimpossible to criticize syn perfect His behaviour throughout this affair has been beyond reproach. reproach
Examples from the Corpus
above/beyond reproachHis boxing skills are beyond reproach.But Jones' track record had always been above reproach.Vernon's work in the community has been beyond reproach.He talked of her as a goddess beyond reproach who was being restrained against her will.Noah himself is beyond reproach, it is true.The Alumni Club typically enjoys a reputation beyond reproach.Like Eleanor Roosevelt, Hillary Clinton is a strong individual whose public decorum is usually above reproach.The motives were above reproach since a large sum was raised for deserving charities every year.He had a steely streak but his morals and scruples were beyond reproach.
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