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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishabove-mentionedaˌbove-ˈmentioned adjective [only before noun] formal  mentioned on a previous page or higher up on the same page
Examples from the Corpus
above-mentionedStudents were asked to complete, anonymously, after each course, a three-page questionnaire dealing with the above-mentioned aspects.This is further complicated by the above-mentioned color changes that occur with growth.On the evidence of the first episode, shown on September 4, Les Mise rables meets all the above-mentioned criteria.The founder and president of the organization from 1918 to 1948 was the above-mentioned Henry Hamilton Beamish.I would argue that virtually every successful electric guitar since 1958 has owed something to one or more of the above-mentioned instruments.The above-mentioned species are all suitable for the heated tank, but their supplies are irregular.
From Longman Business Dictionaryabove-mentionedaˌbove-ˈmentioned adjective [only before a noun] written formal already mentioned on the same page or on a previous page SYN AFORESAIDthe above-mentioned sale of the company
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