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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishabrasiona‧bra‧sion /əˈbreɪʒən/ noun  1 [countable]INJURE an area on the surface of your skin that has been injured by being rubbed against something hard She was treated for cuts and abrasions.2 [uncountable]DAMAGE the process of rubbing a surface very hard so that it becomes damaged or disappears extra protection against abrasion
Examples from the Corpus
abrasionIts strength and abrasion resistance have made it ideal for shoe cleaning cloths, as provided by most hotel chains.The fragments tend to wear, and abrasion during transportation rounds the particles.Understandably, the annulment process is, for some, another abrasion on the wound of the break-up of a marriage.There were mild abrasions and some lost hair, Walter said.Leather is strong, abrasion resistant and will conform to the shape of the foot.She suffered abrasions, according to the report.The success of diamond in cutting silicon is a measure of diamond's extreme resistance to abrasion.
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