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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishabreasta‧breast /əˈbrest/ adverb  1 keep/stay abreast of something2 walk/ride etc abreast3 level with someone or something or in line with them As the car drew abreast of him, Jack suddenly recognised the driver.
Examples from the Corpus
abreastFour women, walking two abreast, approached, their shoes loud on the wooden walkway.He strove to come abreast of his more favored contemporary; he was deeply discontented if he failed.That way you can keep clients and colleagues abreast of how and when they can reach you.Many growers may feel overwhelmed as they struggle to keep abreast of potentially helpful developments.One way to stay abreast of the legal fees is to ask for monthly billings.My father called us frequently from Tokyo to keep us abreast of the legal work, which sounded complicated to me.Store owners kept each other abreast of these unfortunate incidents and warned each other.He had been under the impression they were still abreast of Washington.drew abreastIt braked as it drew abreast.As she drew abreast of the drive, she saw that a car was parked next to the front door.
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