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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishabsabs /æbz/ noun [plural] informal  the muscles on your abdomen (=stomach) exercises that improve your legs and abs
Examples from the Corpus
absCalves and abs are every day.Richard was bulking up, working on his lats, his tris, his abs.The result, taut abs, a rock-hard butt and twanging musculature, was still not enough to save her marriage.Do you really need to be stronger in the abs, or not?Then out the glass door, back to your health club, your pecs, your abs.
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ABSABS /ˌeɪ biː ˈes/ noun [uncountable]  TTC (anti-lock braking system) a piece of equipment that makes a vehicle easier to control when you have to stop very suddenly
Examples from the Corpus
ABSA few months later, in the February of 1966, ABS informed me that I was being posted to London.Car drivers are turned on by such things as four-wheel drive, ABS, airbags and the like.If you do not have ABS, pump gently but firmly.In trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market, ABS closed at $ 6. 75, down 50 cents.
From Longman Business DictionaryABSABS abbreviation for AMERICAN BUREAU OF SHIPPING
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