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absent yourself (from something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishabsent yourself (from something)absent yourself (from something) formalto not go to a place or take part in an event where people expect you to be absent
Examples from the Corpus
absent yourself (from something)I had not had the benefit of that lovely electricity for long, but how I did miss it when it absented itself.Lucy arranged to absent herself from the expedition to allow Maggie to be alone with Phillip.I put my head down into my hands and absented myself mentally.Equally, she was absent herself; naturally enough - she had been the photographer.Detained patients absent themselves, or abscond, from hospitals.His absence bloomed in her until she grew absent herself, preternaturally agreeable.Kendall absented himself this time, as was only fitting.It will not be desired to find all people who absent themselves without leave.
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