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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishabsenteeab‧sen‧tee /ˌæbsənˈtiː◂/ noun [countable]  HERETHEREsomeone who should be in a place or at an event but is not there
Examples from the Corpus
absenteeAs far as age was concerned, absentees were more likely to be senior pupils, S4 and above.Each week the City Attendance Officer called to check the registers for absentees.We are able to identify absentees immediately and use the extra time to tackle the problem with academic counselling.Charles Haley and Deion Sanders were among the absentees.However, in June, the majority of schools had 6% or more of their pupils as unauthorised absentees.In June, 27% of S4 were unauthorised absentees.
From Longman Business Dictionaryabsenteeab‧sen‧tee /ˌæbsənˈtiː◂/ noun [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES someone not at work when they should beA warning may be appropriate if an employee is a frequent absentee on a Monday.
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