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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishabsorbentab‧sor‧bent /əbˈsɔːbənt, -ˈzɔː- $ -ɔːr-/ adjective  TAKE something FROM SOMEWHEREmaterial that is absorbent is able to take in liquids easily opp non-absorbent absorbent kitchen paper
Examples from the Corpus
absorbentViscose rayon is commonly used in tampons because it is highly absorbent and can be compressed for use in slimmer tampons.Anti-static absorbent cloths are available for use with tank cleaning preparations, and Quick Wipes for tank interiors.absorbent diapersThe best thing to do is to put down absorbent floor covering in those rooms.Acrylic, emulsion and gesso grounds tend to be more absorbent than oil and alkyd grounds.Other widely used tampons produced by Tambrands and other companies are made with absorbent viscose rayon and cotton.If the carpet is slightly soiled get an absorbent white cloth, a quality shampoo and warm water.
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