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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishabsorbingab‧sorb‧ing /əbˈsɔːbɪŋ, -ˈzɔː- $ -ɔːr-/ adjective  INTERESTINGenjoyable and interesting, and keeping your attention for a long time an absorbing hobbysee thesaurus at interesting
Examples from the Corpus
absorbingThe level of presentational skills used here is of the highest ilk - totally absorbing.A playground and playhouse keep the tots happy while the teenagers have a ball with a whole host of absorbing activities.It's an absorbing and engaging show.He found it addictive, stimulating, endlessly absorbing, and he allowed nothing-certainly no personal involvements - to distract him.In an absorbing book about how she learned to fly, Diane Ackerman tells why she chooses to risk her life.Developing your own photographs can be an absorbing hobby.In spite of an inauspicious beginning, Laura and Bernard succeeded within a few years in developing an absorbing private life in their adopted country.
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