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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishabsurdlyab‧surd‧ly /əbˈsɜːdli, -ˈzɜːd- $ -ɜːr-/ adverb  STUPID/NOT SENSIBLEsurprisingly or unreasonably syn ridiculouslyabsurdly low/high Prices seem absurdly low to Western tourists.
Examples from the Corpus
absurdlyBreaking the law, i. e., firing people, is absurdly cheap.Words bubbled in Jay's mind with an absurdly happy smile.In those days, even the highest cutting speeds were almost absurdly low.The experience is unsettling, as if voyeuristic, and also uncanny, like a brief time travel, and absurdly pleasing.It is the absurdly pompous Pons who ostensibly pieces together the scattered evidence of Urim's past.Zampano is trying on his new clothes, absurdly self-involved in his new-found pinstriped elegance.To begin with, the actual battlefield seemed so absurdly small.The people back then had been so absurdly vulnerable, prey to disease and deception.absurdly low/highIn those days, even the highest cutting speeds were almost absurdly low.When I say his demand for a raise is absurd, I mean absurdly low.The only offers Gloria received were absurdly low, and she rejected them indignantly.The great strain for married couples in modernity is the absurdly high expectation of the marriage bond.But the Tories will continue to crucify manufacturing industry, in pursuit of an absurdly high parity in the Exchange Rate Mechanism.And price / earnings ratios that seem absurdly high probably are.The government sets the local price of petrol absurdly low while imposing taxes of over 80% on the company's revenues.
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