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abundantly clear

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishabundantly clearabundantly clearUNDERSTANDvery easy to understand She’d made her feelings towards him abundantly clear. abundantly
Examples from the Corpus
abundantly clearBut that act has more to do with the future than the present, as chapter 23 will make abundantly clear.But then if you look at politicians today, the answer becomes abundantly clear.If modern psychology has done one thing, it has surely made this fact abundantly clear.That was made abundantly clear at a colourful congress in the provincial capital, Jayapura, last month.He didn't believe her, as he made abundantly clear by looking contemptuously down his straight nose at her.This was abundantly clear in the textile district of the West Riding.To would-be revolutionaries it was becoming abundantly clear that their central problem was lack of contact with the masses.It's abundantly clear why he's running for governor.
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