1 noun
a‧buse1 S2 W3
1 [plural, uncountable] cruel or violent treatment of someone:
several cases of child abuse
physical/sexual/racial abuse
Many children suffer racial abuse at school.
An independent committee will look into alleged human rights abuses.
2 [uncountable and countable] the use of something in a way that it should not be used [= misuse]
abuse of
government officials' abuse of power
A self-monitoring tax system is clearly open to abuse (=able to be used wrongly).
alcohol/drug abuse (=the practice of drinking too much or taking illegal drugs)
solvent abuse
3 [uncountable] rude or offensive things that someone says when they are angry:
vandalism and verbal abuse directed at old people
a torrent/stream of abuse (=a series of rude or angry words)
shout/hurl/scream abuse at somebody
The other driver started hurling abuse at me.

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