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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishacademeac‧a‧deme /ˈækəˌdiːm, ˌækəˈdiːm/ noun [uncountable]  the work that university teachers and students do – often used humorously
Examples from the Corpus
academeAnother novelty proposed by Alvey is the idea of demonstrator projects which would involve industry and academe in pooling their knowledge.Thus ideas have come out of academe and are being implemented in the clinic.Unless these deficiencies are corrected it will not matter how many ideas come out of academe.The ideas are there; now they must come out of academe and into the clinic.Some of our top scientists have been pulled from the world of academe.His clumsy rage scandalised Dublin's academe.Not finding that possible in the established routine of a firm practice, he retreated to academe.
AcademeAc‧a‧deme /ˈækədiːm, ˌækəˈdiːm/   the groves of Academe
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