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academic year

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishacademic yearˌacademic ˈyear noun [countable]  the period of the year during which there are school or university classes
Examples from the Corpus
academic yearThe Volunteers' first three months on the job coincided with the last three months of the 1962 academic year.Hon. Members will be aware that the access fund allocations for the current academic year have already been made.Applications for the next academic year should be in before 30 March 1992.He had become Director of the school at the start of that academic year.The Counselling Service offers a number of group workshops and skills acquisition classes during the academic year.He also has accepted a visiting lecturer position at Stanford University for the academic year starting in the fall.The end of the academic year is another high-pressure time, he says.School officials hope to put the stricter promotion standards into place this academic year.
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