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accelerationac‧cel‧e‧ra‧tion /əkˌseləˈreɪʃən/ ●○○ noun  1 [singular, uncountable]FAST/QUICK a process in which something happens more and more quicklyacceleration in an acceleration in the rate of inflationacceleration of the rapid acceleration of economic progress in South East Asia2 [uncountable]TTCFAST/QUICK the rate at which a car or other vehicle can go faster The latest model has excellent acceleration.3 [uncountable] technical the rate at which the speed of an object increases
Examples from the Corpus
accelerationThe Quattro offers excellent braking and acceleration after warming up.The flight data recorder measures altitude, speed and acceleration of the aircraft at the time of an accident.Looking ahead, bankers do not foresee any acceleration of loan growth.During a quake of magnitude 6.1 on 20 February 1990, ground acceleration was measured at 10 percent of gravity.But London won enough of the ball for Carling to display his acceleration and his priceless ability to time a pass.Lateral acceleration at release is 6-7g.On the left-hand sides are the well-known expressions for the radial and tangential components of acceleration.a sharp acceleration in the job marketFinally he hooks his belt on to the Doom Diver Catapult and braces himself for sudden acceleration.Eliminating F from the last two equations gives the acceleration.The acceleration by Earth's gravity acts on asteroids falling through the atmosphere.
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