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accept responsibility/blame for something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaccept responsibility/blame for somethingaccept responsibility/blame for somethingRESPONSIBLEto admit that you were responsible for something bad that happened The University will not accept responsibility for items lost or stolen. accept
Examples from the Corpus
accept responsibility/blame for somethingPeople in a position of influence could accept responsibility for implementing the results.Governors need to inform themselves thoroughly about the current state of the school building before they accept responsibility for it.May we learn to accept responsibility for our own actions and inactions and for our mistakes as well as for our success.If people are to accept responsibility for outcomes, they will insist upon being substantively included in the decision process.All you can do in such cases is accept responsibility for the emotions you feel when you are around such people.You have to accept responsibility for the fruits of your actions, in the scientific field as elsewhere.One central committee member, Ognjen Krstulovic, resigned because he could not accept responsibility for the implementation of the policy.These must be obtained personally and we can not accept responsibility for them.
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