ac‧cept‧ance W3
1 [uncountable] when you officially agree to take something that you have been offered
acceptance of
the formal acceptance of an invitation
He wrote a letter of acceptance (=a letter in which you agree to accept a job, university place etc) to the university.
2 [singular, uncountable] when people agree that an idea, statement, explanation etc is right or true
acceptance of
the acceptance of Einstein's theory
acceptance that
There is still not widespread acceptance that fathers can care for children as well as mothers do.
gain/find acceptance
This management style gained acceptance in the 1980s.
3 [uncountable] the ability to accept an unpleasant situation which cannot be changed, without getting angry or upset about it
acceptance of
By the end of the trial, Nicolas moved towards acceptance of his fate.
4 [uncountable] the process of allowing someone to become part of a group or a society and of treating them in the same way as the other members:
Acceptance by their peer group is important to most youngsters.

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