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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishacceptedac‧cept‧ed /əkˈseptɪd/ ●○○ adjective  considered right or suitable by most people Having more than one wife is a normal and accepted practice in some countries.generally/widely/universally etc accepted generally accepted principles of fairness and justice
Examples from the Corpus
acceptedThis hypothesis not only flouts accepted biological principles but is unnecessary.Since the Congress of Vienna, a general diplomatic system had provided the accepted channels of international relations.The Masai never accepted football as the moral equivalent of war.They had to be more specific about the traditionally accepted forms of behaviour, customs, occupations and particular national characteristics.It may also be necessary to adjust accepted labour constants to the actual circumstances of the job.Yet Einstein never accepted quantum mechanics because of its element of chance and uncertainty.What are the processes by which the role of women within the trade unions has emerged as an accepted research topic?A spokesman claimed, "Our methods are far more advanced and more accepted than ICI's."Einstein, therefore, set to work to try to demolish the accepted version of quantum mechanics.accepted practiceBesides, a refusal would seem as if she placed too much importance on an accepted practice.Everything about Shanti's adoption was against accepted practice.I realized in my reaction to all this how Westernized I had become, for this was very much an accepted practice.To depart substantially from them invites question unless it can be demonstrated that such departure conforms to accepted practice by rational analysis.It was accepted practice for employers to admit women to schemes at older ages than men - 30 was not uncommon.For example, it may become tacitly accepted practice in a market exactly to match the price changes of the largest firm.Bigamy, for example, is a serious crime in Britain yet it is normal and accepted practice in other countries.Where there is only one accepted practice, then following this practice will not amount to negligence.
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