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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaccessoryac‧ces‧so‧ry /əkˈsesəri/ ●○○ noun (plural accessories) [countable]  1 T[usually plural]D something such as a piece of equipment or a decoration that is not necessary, but that makes a machine, car, room etc more useful or more attractive bathroom accessories such as mirrors and towel-rails2 DC[usually plural] something such as a bag, belt, or jewellery that you wear or carry because it is attractive fashion accessories a set of fully matching clothes and accessories3 law someone who helps a criminal, especially by helping them hide from the policeaccessory to an accessory to murderan accessory before/after the fact (=someone who helps a criminal before or after the crime)
Examples from the Corpus
accessoryAccessories such as a carrying case and battery recharger are free with the purchase of a cellular phone.The jury also acquitted the rapper, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, of being an accessory after the fact.The store specializes in wedding gowns and accessories.Never had I heard an audio accessory, a system tweak, make such a substantial difference.The modern kitchen and its accessories, from aluminum to petrochemicals, had to be created.It is in the bedroom that originality can prove its worth, if only in the accessories.The third, and most troublesome, problem is the interaction of various accessories.accessory toReece is charged with being an accessory to the robbery.
From Longman Business Dictionaryaccessoryac‧ces‧so‧ry /əkˈsesəri/ noun (plural accessories)1[countable] something that you add to a machine, tool, car etc so that it can do other things or in order to make it look attractiveThey sell software and computer accessories.a manufacturer of motor vehicle parts and accessories2accessories [plural] small things that are used for a particular activitya retail chain that sells cooking items, kitchen accessories and home furnishingsa maker of plastic folders, binders and other office accessories3[countable]LAW someone who helps a criminal, but is not directly involved in a crimeaccessory toHe was an accessory to murder.
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