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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaccidentalac‧ci‧den‧tal /ˌæksəˈdentl◂/ ●●○ adjective  DELIBERATELYhappening without being planned or intended opp deliberate an accidental discharge of toxic waste Buy an insurance policy that covers accidental damage.
Examples from the Corpus
accidentalThe group, which includes about 600 financial planners from around the country, contends the confusion is not accidental.She touched his elbow so timidly that he thought it must have been accidental.They believe that miscalculations made on the tax forms were purely accidental.Lugar, 63, has tried to portray his life in politics as merely accidental.This standard ensures the unit is waterproof and so prevents an accidental, and potentially fatal, combination of water and electricity.It is better not to extend what was, after all, an accidental and purely professional relationship.Are you insured against accidental damage to your property?Such reports are routine in the case of accidental death, he said.The coroner recorded verdicts of accidental death.Seven years later, it lost its second main tourist accommodation when the Lake was burned down in an accidental fire.Sister Aimee died in 1944, from an accidental overdose of sleeping tablets.A system of valves limits accidental releases of the substance.Regulations are need to limit accidental releases of these chemicals.accidental damageAll pipes should be bracketed to avoid accidental damage.Most expensive of all is an all-risks policy which also gives wide cover against accidental damage.The pipes or cables must require repair or replacement due to accidental damage not due to wear and tear.We found it was more useful in stopping the debarking of trees or accidental damage to shrubs.The cost of tracing the damage is covered provided there has been accidental damage to the pipes or cables.Personal Liability ... Up to £500,000 To cover your legal liability for accidental injury to third parties or accidental damage to their property.Yet another option is to buy a policy which itself covers accidental damage without the need for buying a separate extension.
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