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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishacclaimedac‧claimed /əˈkleɪmd/ adjective  PRAISEpublicly praised by a lot of peoplehighly/widely/universally acclaimed The book has been widely acclaimed by teachers and pupils. His work was critically acclaimed (=praised by people who are paid to give their opinion on art, music etc).
Examples from the Corpus
acclaimedPaul Simon's solo career has resulted in a string of highly acclaimed albums.The result is an exciting and innovative marriage of the old and the new, and a widely acclaimed architectural success.Her work on finding a cure for cancer has been widely acclaimed by her colleagues in the medical profession.Shortly afterwards, his defeated opponent Ali reappeared and was in turn acclaimed caliph.It started late last year with two critically acclaimed gigs in London.We are foremost in research and have an acclaimed information service."The West Wing" is one of the most critically acclaimed TV series in the USA.She dies in 1963, years before the critically acclaimed work was being adapted for the silver screen.highly/widely/universally acclaimedThe advantages in both the accuracy and speed of the photographic process were almost universally acclaimed.The pamphlet was widely acclaimed and a second edition produced.The new Metro has been universally acclaimed by the motoring press.That widely acclaimed fiasco, the Millennium Dome?Also of widebody design is Dunlop's highly acclaimed Revelation.I find the seats just as comfortable as the highly acclaimed Rover items, while rear passengers enjoy greater legroom.
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