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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaccompliceac‧com‧plice /əˈkʌmplɪs $ əˈkɑːm-, əˈkʌm-/ noun [countable]  HELPa person who helps someone such as a criminal to do something wrong
Examples from the Corpus
accompliceShe has been accused of being an accomplice in the kidnapping.After the robbery, the men escaped in a stolen car driven by an accomplice.Evans could not have carried out the robbery without an accomplice.Gutierrez and two people accused of being accomplices were moved to the Almoloya prison, outside the capital.Two other boys were accused of being accomplices in the attack.And by going along with it, all his guests were, to greater or lesser degrees, accomplices in the fraud.But speculation about whether he had accomplices has run amok.Shorter and his accomplices were arrested without a struggle.One man held a gun on her while his accomplice took the money.The offenders's accomplice stood at the door holding what appeared to be a shotgun.At Cambridge he was always the centre of a circle of friends, willing accomplices in his endless schemes and parties.
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